Thursday, February 9, 2012

Using Online Resources To Better Your Finances And Business, Part 2

Although You Tube is a resource, there are numerous other online resources that you can use.  I will give you a few of the ones we and people we are connected to use often.  First of all, if you want updated tax news, tax tips, tax strategies and all to do with tax in Canada, you can check out our blog at There are new blog posts several times a week so please do visit our website to get the latest tax news.  You can also go to for more tax updates.

For Stocks and investing, you can use yahoo finance, MSN money or Google Finance.  For education in the area of stock investing, you can go to where you will find Phil Town’s teaching on investing using Warren Buffet’s number 1 rule – never lose money.  If you are looking for a list of Stocks that have D.R.I.P.s (Dividend Reinvestment Plans) you can go to for drips in Canada, and for companies that offer both D.R.I.P’s and S.P.Ps (Stock Purchase Plans) in Canada you can go to  If you are looking for U.S. D.R.I.P.’s, you can go to

The list of online resources goes on and on.  For budgeting you can go to various websites that offer budgeting tools, such as  If you are looking at getting out of debt, there are sites that will help you track your debt. Again, whatever you goal is, you can look at using online resources to help you, but remember the key is to ensure you are diligent in verifying it is a trusted site!

Keep checking our blogs here on this site and at as we continue to educate and provide resources for you!

It is also important to remember that Kustom Design can also be your online resource for all things Finance and Tax.  Aside from our blogs, you can also send us your tax questions or concerns by email at  Our tax experts will gladly assist you and provide you with the answers you need! 

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